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Watch Alex Myung's first film which was created as his graduating thesis from the School of Visual Arts in 2009


Juxtaposed is the story of a small lightbulb given up by his mother to live in a world of water faucets.  Over time, the lightbulb begins to feel the weight of being different and chooses to set out on a journey to find his "real mother.  He soon discovers she may be closer than he thinks. 

Credited as 'Alex Wager,' this is a personal story and serves as a depiction of Myung's own experiences as a Korean adoptee and his search for acceptance from others.  While Juxtaposed is not every adoptee's story, it hopes to shed light on some of the internal struggles many transracial adoptees face.


If you are an adoptee who is searching for others like you, or an adoptee ally who simply wishes to learn more, please feel free to take a look at some of the organizations below that we proudly support. 


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G.O.A.'L (Global Overseas Adoptee's Link: An adoptee organization in Korea run by adoptees)

KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network)

KoRoot (A guest house for Korean Adoptees in Seoul. Site is available in both English and Korean)

Korea Adoption Services (Family search and post-adoption services. Site is available in both English and Korean)

Also-Known-As (Post-adoption services, educational programs, and community building activities)

Camp Mujigae (Korean Adoptee culture summer camp in Albany, NY)

Camp Sejong (Korean American and adoptee culture summer camp in Hardwick, NJ)

IKAA (International Korean Adoptee Associations)

Land of Gazillion Adoptees (Multimedia company that collaborates with adoptees and members of other marginalized communities)

23andMe (DNA testing and outreach services)

Gazillion Voices (Adoptee centric news and articles)